Viewing the product catalog

How to efficiently use the product search function. How to search by color? How to search in the chosen category? How to determine the size of an article?

To get the answers to these questions, watch our short video guide.

In our shop, we use the following units of measurement:

  • pcs - piece
  • cpl - couple, pair
  • set - set
  • bdl - bundle
  • bag - bag, pouch
  • pck - packaging
  • box - box
  • crt - carton

Packing, i.e. the number of pieces in a given unit, depends on the article in question.

Some articles are sold as so-called mixes. This means that a single package (e.g. a box) contains several colors. For example, the color marked as Spring Mix 1 contains articles in white, orange and yellow.

Photos of each of the colors in the mix are at the bottom of the page.

All new articles are marked with a yellow "New" label so that you are always up to date.

To quickly view only new articles, select New offer from the top menu.

After the season, shops usually reduce the price of articles to get rid of surplus stock. We lower the prices of some items as well. These articles are marked with a yellow "Sale" label.

To quickly view only articles on sale, select Sales from the top menu.

When looking for articles of interest, the service may display the results sorted in different orders, e.g. by name, price, or size.

However, it is possible to display the results sorted by relevance. In that case, the articles which, according to the search engine, best match your criteria will be displayed at the top of the list.

For example, if you are looking for "autumn rose", roses in autumn colors will be displayed first. The remaining roses (e.g. in spring colors) and autumn articles other than roses (e.g. arrangements) will be displayed only at subsequent positions of the list.

Our offer changes daily. All novelties are immediately made available in our shop after their admission to the warehouse in order to allow you to purchase them as quickly as possible.

The images are prepared simultaneously. However, in case of a large deliveries, taking photos of all the articles can take up to 3 days.

Therefore, it may happen that the shop contains articles without images. They will be probably added soon.

Online ordering

By choosing an on-line payment customer can pay for the order by quick bank transfer either VISA or MasterCard.

To avoid incompatibilities in case of missing some items in our warehouse, payment will be made only after the completion of the order. A link to the form in which the customer chooses a bank or payment card will be sent in an e-mail confirming the order's completion.

We invite you to watch a short video guide, where we show how to quickly and efficiently shop in our online store.

Several times a year, there are special offers, for which we provide you with special discount codes. Codes for our regular customers are sent via e-mail newsletters or text messages. Each code has an expiry date and can be used only once.

Please enter the received code in the appropriate field below the shopping cart. If the discount resulting from our discount policy exceeds the amount the discount code entitles you to, the code will not be used. You may then use it for subsequent purchases.

The vast majority of orders is processed within one workday. Small orders by delivery mail (COD) placed before noon are usually dispatched the same workday.

Orders paid for in advance by bank transfer will be dispatched when the amount is posted to one of our bank accounts. To regular customers for whom fast delivery is important, we also dispatch the goods after the presentation of the bank transfer receipt which you can send to us by email.

During a period where we have many transactions to process, in case of large orders with some ordered goods out of stock, the processing may take up to three workdays. However, such situations are very rare.

Delivery mail is dispatched every day. Packages are delivered within one workday. If the recipient is not at the indicated address, the courier will try to deliver the package the next workday.

To avoid such situations, we recommend that you purchase the PDI (Pre-Delivery Information) service. It does not cost much, and the courier will contact you prior to delivery, with the option to change the delivery address.

Mail orders are dispatched twice a week. Packages are usually delivered within 2 to 7 workdays. If the mailman misses you, a note will be left. In this case, the recipient has 14 days to pick up the shipment at the post office. After this period, the package will be returned to the sender at the expense of the recipient.

The PDI (Pre-Delivery Information) service ensures prior contact with the recipient of the shipment before it is delivered by the courier. Immediately after the shipment is sent, the recipient will receive a text message with information about its planned delivery. The text message will also contain the COD amount, if applicable.

In addition, the courier will contact the recipient on the day of delivery and determine the exact time of delivery. This also provides the recipient with the opportunity to indicate, without further formalities, a different address than the one specified on the consignment note. When the delivery to a different address is performed by couriers from the same terminal, there will be no additional fee.

This service costs PLN 1.49 PLN (gross amount). The service is available only for delivery by courier.

When you order artificial trees in our online store, please observe their height.

The length of the largest package we send by courier must not exceed 200 cm. The length of the largest package we can send by the Polish Postal Service (Poczta Polska) must not exceed 100 cm.

The use of water fountains

To prevent free radicals and mold germs from getting into the air, the water in the fountains should be replaced more or less once a week.