Ribbons, Meshes and Fabrics

We offer a selection of florist necessities used for making decorations, compositions and bouquets, including decorative satin ribbons, funeral ribbons, florist nets, as well as fabrics and materials such as felt, satin, jute, organza, and tulle.

Jute twine 200 g R341

Size: 23 m

Category: Twines and Cords

Stock: In stock

Old price: £ 4.31 per pcs
Retail price £ 4.24 per pcs
+ 20% VAT

Packing: piece

Printed tape 10 cm/50 yd R063

Size: 45.71 cm

Category: Funeral ribbons

Stock: In stock

Old price: £ 10.83 per pcs
Retail price £ 10.00 per pcs
+ 20% VAT

Packing: piece

Here you will find a wide range of ribbons, meches, as well as many kind of fabrics.

Decorative ribbons are made of plastic or cotton, fabrics made of organza, felt, tulle jute, interlining, satin, and many others.

We offer elegant printed and striped wreath ribbons, mourning ribbons, ribbons with ornaments, special for funeral ceremonies and grave decorations.

Design unique floral and gift arrangements with our meshes, you wrap the bouquet and make it look more beautiful and attractive. Mesh can be used as wrapping paper for decoration, crafts, gifts, flowers, etc.